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The Federal State-Funded Educational Institution of Higher Vocational Education “Dagestan State Pedagogical University” (FSFEI HVE DSPU) is a federal university that has the status of a legal entity that implements professional educational programs of higher, postgraduate, additional vocational training and pre-university tutorial. The university carries out its activities in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Russian Federation Laws “On Education”, “On Higher and Postgraduate Professional Education”, Model Regulations “On Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education (Higher Education Institution) of the Russian Federation", the normative and legal acts of Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Federal Education Agency and other laws, the Charter of the State Educational Institution of Higher Vocational Education “Dagestan State Pedagogical University”.



dgpu-korp11The modern teacher education of Dagestan dates back to November 12, 1917, when in Dagestan in the town of Temirkhan-Shura (now Buinaksk) Pedagogical Institute was opened in the building of the non-classical secondary school. The first rector was Dzhavadbek Rafikbegov, the graduate of the Faculty of History of the Azerbaijan University. The establishment of the institute was initiated and supported by well-known personalities such as the Minister of Education of Dagestan Nurmagomed Shakhsuvarov, intellectuals, political and religious leaders Dzhalaludin Korkmasov, Nazhmudin Gotsinsky, Gaidar Bammatov and others. During the Civil War the first Dagestan pedagogical institute temporarily had to terminate its activity.


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In 1931 the development of teacher education gained renewed momentum due to the establishment of Pedagogical Institute in Makhachkala that in 1957 was reorganized into the Dagestan State University.

During the hard times of the Great Patriotic War in the town of Makhachkala the Dagestan Women’s Teachers’ Institute was established by the Council of People’s Commissars of the RSFSR Decree of November 1, 1943, and this Institute became the basis for today’s Pedagogical University of Dagestan. In 1954 it was renamed as G.Tsadasa Dagestan State Women’s Pedagogical Institute.

              In the course of time the Institute gradually turned into one of the most important centers of teacher education in Dagestan and Russia. In 1964 the Women’s Pedagogical Institute was reorganized into the Dagestan State Pedagogical Institute (Council of Ministers of the Russian Federation Decree No.1467 of December 30, 1963), and in 1994 into the Dagestan State Pedagogical University (Russian Federation Government Decree No. 1691-P of September 11, 1992 ; State Higher Education Committee of the Russian Federation Order No. 699 of July 12,1994, and Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation Order No. 200 of July 27, 1994).


              On the 50th anniversary of the USSR the Pedagogical Institute was awarded the Certificate of Merit of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR and the Jubilee Medal “50 Years of the USSR” for high achievements in education and long-standing development of pedagogical traditions.


Ahmed Magomedovich  Magomedov, the great scientist and public person, corresponding member of the Academy of Education of the USSR, played a great role in the establishment of the Dagestan State Pedagogical Institute.

              Great contribution to the development of the higher education institution was made ​​by Sheikh Ibragimovich Ismailov, Professor, Doctor of Biology, the author of over 130 papers on biology and ecology, deputy of National Assembly of the Dagestan Republic, who led the Dagestan State Pedagogical (Institute) University from 1987 to 2006.


From 2007 to 2012 the Institute was headed by Dzhafar Mikhailovich Mallaev, Doctor of Education, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Education.

              From March 2012 to February 2013 the DSPU was led by Doctor of Education, Professor Shakhabas Kuramagomedovich Shakhov.



          The DSPU is the largest scientific and educational complex in the region. Education and Science Minister A.A. Fursenko in the journal “100 nations” called the Dagestan State Pedagogical University the second largest university of the Southern Federal District taking into account the quantity of students. In 2008 the DSPU was awarded the Certificate of Merit and listed in All-Russian National Register “100 Best Higher Education Institution of Russia” in “Elite of Education in Russia” section.

               The number of students totals about 20 thousand. The University has 5 branches in the republic in the towns of Derbent, Buinaksk, Khasavurt, Izberbash and Kizilurt. In the structure of the university there are 5 institutes, 18 faculties, 74 chairs, four inter-university centers, postgraduate  programs for 29 specialties and doctoral programs on 5 specialties, 5 scientific laboratories, dissertation councils on 14 specialties.

                The DSPU offsets the demands of economy, social development and pedagogic labor market of the region, satisfies the requirements of educational and cultural institutions of the republic, providing them with qualified specialists and scientific and methodological assistance. In accordance with the State License (License No. 001957, Registration No. 1948 of 14.07.2009) and Accreditation (Certificate of State Accreditation AA No. 002165, Registration No. 2125 of 17.07.2009) the DSPU provides training in 34 specialties for specialists, 9 directions for Bachelor’s and 5 directions for Master’s degrees.

In the DSPU more than 1560 faculty members successfully realize training of specialists, Bachelors and Masters of Education, among the faculty members 262 are Doctors and 694 are Candidates of Sciences and associate professors. Scientific and educational activity of the university is based on the principles of continuity of the educational process; integration of the higher and postgraduate education schools into the European education system, preserving and developing the achievements and traditions of the Russian higher education.

           At the university the researches are focused on the development of the national socio-economic and educational potential of the country in view of global movement, historical, cultural and scientific traditions of Russia and Dagestan. Applied science solves the problem of increasing the standard of living, ensuring the competitiveness of the economy, the environment protection. The humanities and social sciences focus on the fundamental problems of the organization and functioning of a democratic society, theory of education of interethnic and interfaith relations in the society, studies of fundamental scientific and philosophical problems, creation of new educational technologies, study of the regularities of the market economy in Russia.


             Postgraduate and doctoral programs function at the DSPU and carry out postgraduate training of academic and teaching staff, including 25 specialties for postgraduate students and 3 specialties for doctoral students. Scientific management of graduate students at the university is carried out by more than 80 highly skilled professionals, more than 60 of them are doctors. Dissertation councils function at the university.

And student science is developing as well. Annually there are competitions of students’ research works, the best works not once have been the winners of the All-Russian scientific and creative competitions.

According to statistics, about 80 per cent of graduates find employment in their specialty, many of them have already achieved great success in their field, become ministers, heads of various republican and municipal departments and agencies. The graduates – talented teachers, scientists and artists – bring glory to the university. Our graduates have become great organizers of public education, honored teachers of the USSR and the RSFSR, Heroes of Socialist Labor. Among them we can mention Kh.Lokalova, Kh.Kazieva, and Dagestan national poetess, Cavalier of the Order of St. Andrew F.Alieva.

              The DSPU can be proud of great sporting achievements as well, the university is high on the list in the number of trained champions of all levels in Europe. The DSPU has Olympic Training Center, Palace of Sports that sits 2000 people. Such famous athletes as four-time Olympic champion fencer V.Nazlymov, world and Olympic champion fencer Mark Rakita, wrestlers Yu.Shakhmuradov, V.Yumin, Z.Abdulbekov, S.Murtazaliev, K.Kuramagomedov, boxers G.Gaidarbekov, S.Ibragimov come from alma mater DSPU. In 2007 five people became world champions in arm-wrestling; the DSPU student rescuer team became the champion of Russia. Traditionally sports trainings in wrestling, taekwondo, wushu, other combat sports are advanced here. But a relatively new for Dagestan kind of sport such as rugby is also developing – the DSPU team is a multiple winner and heads the list of the teams of Southern Russia.

             The students of artistic and graphic faculty of the DSPU have exhibited their works in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Warsaw, Prague, New York and other cities of the world.

              Since February 2013 the Pedagogical University has been led by Doctor of Law, Professor Magomed Imranovich Abdulaev.

            The DSPU development program for the next five years provides for radical reforms in all the areas to improve the quality of training and social and living conditions of students and teachers, implement innovative technologies and methods, develop culture and educational environment of the region.

Date Thursday, 23 October 2014


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